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In this section you will find computer related stuff, picked from the 'net or elsewhere. All this stuff is virus-checked, of course ...

Transalp style font (Windows xx)
Yolngu font
Twin engine cursor (Windows xx)
AVI video codec for MJPEG

Transalp style font

This Transalp font was posted on German Transalp Forum, I guess, but I can't remember, who it was to post this ...
The TA font will provide you with the genuine TA font design for all your Windows applications.
To install it, follow these steps:

  1. Download the ZIPped file to C:\tmp (for example)
    If you don't receive a "Save as" window, try <Shift>click or right click, then choose "Save link as".
  2. Unzip the file (using WINZIP, f.e.) to C:\tmp
  3. Install the font (in brackets for English Windows version):
    1. Start/Einstellungen (Preferences (?))
    2. Systemsteuerung (System)
    3. Choose Schriftarten (Fonts)
    4. Datei/Neue Schriftart installieren (File/New font)
    5. Change to C:\tmp
    6. Mark "Transalp (True Type)"
    7. Hit the "OK" button
    8. Close the "Fonts" window
  4. Now you can access the Transalp font from the font menu of your Windows applications as "TA".

    Click the thumbnail below for a screenshot:


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Yolngu font

This font is necessary to display the pages. Best hop to Charles Darwin University and follow the instructions for downloading and installing (Windows and Mac available).

For all of you who do not know, who or what "Yolngu" is, and if that special font is needed for him: If you don't know about Yolngu, you most probably won't need that font ... ;-) The Yolngu are Australian Aboriginal people living in Australia's Top End, NE Arnhem Land. They are the people having brought the didgeridoo to the world. The Yolngu font contains some special characters used in their languages.

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Twin engine cursor

Tired of that boring hour glass? Try this instead: An animated parallel twin fourstroke engine, with pistons and valves moving up and down while you're waiting for your applications to load ...
Develloped by Simon Roberts, posted on TA Mailing List by Gary Bird.
To install it, follow these steps:

  1. Download the cursor file and copy it to "Cursors" of your Windows home directory.
    If you don't receive a "Save as" window, try <Shift>click or right click, then choose "Save link as".
  2. Start/Einstellungen (Preferences (?))
    1. Systemsteuerung (System)
    2. Choose Maus (Mouse)
    3. Chose Zeiger (Pointers)
    4. Mark whatever you like (f.e. "Hintergrundaktivität" ("Working in Background") or "Ausgelastet" ("Busy")
    5. Hit "Durchsuchen" ("Search")
    6. Mark "sr400N1.ani" and hit "Öffnen" ("Open")
    7. Hit "Übernehmen" ("Apply")
    8. Hit "Ok"
  3. Watch the engine do it's work ...

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MJPEG codec

Here's a codec (COder/DECoder) for MJPEG (Motion JPEG) coded avi videos, as used f.e. with Canon digital cameras.

Download the version for any Windows now KB)


  1. Unpack with WINZIP or a similar tool.
  2. Perform a right mouseclick on mcmjpeg.inf
  3. From the pull down menu chose "Install"
  4. That's all ...

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