How to mount the BMW trip computer

It's time for a preface now on the BMW trip computer. That I can't really recommend it, I've said before (see below). But there's another reason not to purchase it: It suffers from a IMO severe constructional fault. Removing the display from it's holding is done by pulling it backwards, i.e. to the rear of the bike. You mean, this is irrelevant? No, it isn't. Pulling it out backwards also means pulling it out down. Now, if you are using a tankbag, in a sharp bend the hook arresting the display may touch the tankbag, may be released - and the display may fall down. This happened to me, and I lost the display somewhere between the city of Merano and the Passo Stelvio. After that, I decided to install the good old Sigma bike computer again. Here's how I've done it.

I thought, id wouldn't be necessary to write a mount-the-trip-computer-howto, since shipped with this genuine BMW part is a detailed installation manual. However - the manual and the reality differ in two fatal items.

Shipped with the computer is a small cable harness. On one side (I call it the "lower") there's a 3-pole plug, a 3-pole socket and a fuse. The plug must be connected to a suitable socket mounted on the right side of the frame, in the near of the fuse box. If your bike is equipped with hot grips, you may this socket find occupied. Remove the hot grips' plug und connect it to the socket of the new cable harness, then connect the cable harness' plug to the socket on the frame.

So far, so good. The "upper" part of the new harness has a 3-pole socket, which has to be connected to the display holder's cable. And then there is a single black plug with a blue mark on it. This plug makes the connection to the stock speedometer sensor. BTW, the speedo sensor is on the rear wheel! This plug is said to be connected with a free socket on the bike's cable harness. And this socket I can't find on my Dakar.
But, if you happen to find it, you didn't win at all. There's a wrong plug on the computer's cable harness. I'm in discussion with BMW service in Munich, they are searching for a solution. Hope they will find one soon ...

So, in between they found a solution, and it was, to go to my local BMW dealer. Fine. Since my local dealer was closed due to holiday, I went to BMW Niederlassung of Hannover. They made me leave my bike there, and at the end of the day the computer worked indeed. After one hour of searching, they found the promised socket below the electronic box, and they had to install another plug, of course. What they also told me, was, that the wiring instruction between the new cable harness and the display, as mentioned in the installation manual, was definitely wrong!!!

And they charged me another DEM 123.- (onehundredandtwentythree) for the bullshit BMW had produced! An impudence!!!!

I really can't recommend the BMW trip computer, better install a Sigma bike computer. However, if you happen to have purchased it, some hints from Deti here:

  1. The socket of the bikes cable harness the black plug of the computer's cable harness must be connected to, is a white or transparent one, and it is not compatible to the plug. If you don't see it advance, you have to remove electronic box completely.
  2. Manual reads, that you have to push the individual cables of the connection cable to the display into supplied connector as following: This is wrong!!!
    Correct is:

    DMU, 22-AUG-2000

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