How to change rear brake pads


Before starting any work on the brakes, please be aware, that your brakes could save your life. Brakes are one of the most important parts of a motorcycle, and you should only work on them, if you have deep knowledge of the brakes' functionality and highly improved mechanical skills. Also, I'll try to tell correct things, but I can't grant any warranty.

Tools you will need

Checking the pads' thickness

From behind look at the brakepads, occasionally a torch might help here. If the lining is thinner than 1 mm, or if you can't see the groove mostly milled in, it's highest time to change.

Pulling out the old pads

Mounting the new pads

Yes, my bike is dirty ... ;-) Just came back from a quick Sunday evening ride across the environmental metal tracks ...

DMU, 01-SEP-2003

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