CLS200µ shipment list


  1. 0.5 l oil can. Frank recommends Stihl semisynthetic chainsaw oil.
  2. Some holders (didn't use them)
  3. A plate for the rotary switch, in case you can't mount it in the cockpit. Didn't need it.
  4. Holders for oil pipe
  5. Final holder for oil pipe
  6. Mechanical oil flow adjuster
  7. Rotary switch cap
  8. Allen head wrench for oil flow adjuster
  9. 7mm wrench for oil flow adjuster
  10. Oil pipe connection
  11. Electronic box with (11a) rotary switch and power leads
  12. Oil tank with (12a) oil filter
  13. A tube of Loctite super glue
  14. Spare oil dripper
  15. Cable ties
  16. Oil pipe
  17. The matchbox isn't shipped with, it's just for size comparison purpose ;-)

Not on this list, but shipped: A detailed installation manual.