How to mount a CLS200µ on a BMW F650GS

Mounting the CLS200µ is not difficult thanks to the very detailed installation manual.

Additional tools you'll need:

Anything else you need, is shipped with the CLS200µ.

Click the pic for a shipment list

For mounting the system, you have to remove the seat and the tank dummy covers.

And now see, how I did it.

cls200The electronic box (11) cls200 I placed under the seat on the motormanagement box. I'm not quite sure, if this is really a good place, since higher temperatures may affect the built-in temperature sensor. I'll see. The rotary switch (11a) I mounted in the cockpit, the lead from the blackbox to the switch (blue line) I routed through the tunnel on the left tank dummy fairing, leading air to the left radiator. BTW, there's a plug in the lead (blue arrow), so you always can completely remove the cover. The power leads I routed between airfilter and oiltank to the battery. The oil tank (12) found a place in the tail trunk.

clsThe oil pipe (16) I routed between fuel tank and frame tube down to swingarm axle, fixed it with a cable tie on the rear brake hose, and then below the swingarm to end point in the middle of the sprocket, with the holders (4) and (5) fixing it.

It's simple, as you see, you should be through with the work in roughly 1 or 1.5 hours. The most tricky thing is to initially adjust the oil flow, but it's described in detail in the installation manual, so it's easy at last.


What I can say up to now, after 24000 km of experience, the system works fine.

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DMU, 25-JUN-2000