How to mount a Scottoiler on a F650GS

In contrary to my first opinion, it is possible to mount a Scottoiler on a F650GS. John Hogg of Scottoiler LTD sent me the instructions. However, it's a little bit of work. Here's an instruction how to make the vacuum connection. For any other things please refer to your Scottoiler instruction manual.

Pictures appear by kind courtesy of and are copyrighted to Scottoiler LTD.

Tools you will need


  1. Remove the left, the middle, and the right tank "fake" cover
  2. Remove the battery
  3. Remove the airfilter housing
  4. Now drill a 5 mm hole into the rubber inlet manifold (detail). Be careful here, no material may fall into the manifold. Best you put a clean nonfluffy piece of cloth in.
  5. Mount the universal spigot assembly. The same viewed from the other side.
  6. Mount the elbow connector
  7. The tank you may place into the stowage compartment

Scottoiler Scottoiler Scottoiler Scottoiler Scottoiler

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