How to mount a Sigma bicycle computer

You need:
Besides the Sigma set, you need:

The display
The display I didn't mount directly on the handlebar, since I use to use a tankbag, and mounted on the handlebar, the display may touch the tankbag. This is not too bad, since we are using a Sigma and not a BMW trip computer, but it's annoying anyway. So I decided to mount the display Sigma bike computer on the left handguard. In order to keep a certain angle, so that you can read the display, I supported the holding device with a piece of a broomstick (or something else round stuff), which I cut in half (Sigma bike computer arrow on the picture). The holding device and the broomstick ;-) I fixed with two cable ties, the picture shows it.



The magnet
The magnet fits perfectly that Sigma bike computer part of the hub, where the ABS circle is, if you have an ABS. However, in this case you can't mount the magnet here, and you have to look for another place. Glueing it to the brake rotor would be an alternative. Well, I don't have an ABS (early Dakars didn't have that ...), so I can use it for the magnet (red arrow). It fits without glueing it, but to be on the safe side, I did.


The Reed switch
Before mounting the Reed switch, you have to elongate the cable from the switch to the display holding device by roughly 10-20cm, just measure it. Better make it longer than leave it too short. That's what the soldering iron is needed for. With some cable ties, fix it to the holes , where the ABS sensor is ( green arrow), if you have an ABS. Again, in this case you have to find another place for the Reed switch. The distance between the Reed switch and the magnet should be 2-3 mm, so you have to support the Reed switch with a 3mm thick washer or something like that. The picture shows it.
Finally, fix the cable to the fork tube and to the brake hose. Be sure, that it is still long enough, if the fork springs are completely released, while jumping, f.e., or performing a wheelie ... ;-)

DMU, 04-AUG-2004

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