How to mount the BMW topcase carrier

I try to tell you the best I know, but I can't give you any warranty ...

The topcase carrier is a very good add-on to the F650GS. Even if you don't plan to use a topcase, you still have a reasonable luggage carrier when mounting it. I'll try to give you some hints how to mount it on your bike. The photos are ready now, but I decided to leave scans from the installation manual on the page, additionally.

Mounting the set is not too difficult, it should take you not more than 45 minutes.


shipment shipment


The complete set contains:

  1. stowage compartment cover
  2. topcase mounting plate
  3. bracket
  4. retaining plate
  5. 2 Allan head bolts M8x14, with washer (silver)
  6. 2 Allan head bolts M6x16, with washer (black)
  7. 2 torx head bolds M6x25, with washer (silver)
  8. 4 Allan head bolts M6x30, with washer (black)
  9. 2 washers 8 mm
  10. hallow dowel pin
  11. installation manual
The hallow dowel pin is used to secure the catch on the lock barrel of the stowage compartment cover. In my kit I didn't find the pin, so I used the old one. Works, too.

Tools you will need

Step one - fitting retaining plate

mount1 mount1 One remark first. Letter indices in the next pictures mark things you'll find on your bike. Figure indices refer to figures in the shipment picture.

Open stowage compartment lid. Remove the two cable ties which secure the tail light cable (A) to screw fastening points of retaining plate. Position retaining plate (4) and secure with the two bolts (5). Unlike shown in manual's graphic, you have to position the retaining plate behind the fastening points (the picture I took will show this).
Be sure to route the tail light cable in front of retaining plate, and do not trap it.

Step two - fitting bracket

mount2 mount2 Remove the 2 bolts (A) and washers (B). Position bracket (2) and align to longitudinal axis of your bike. Secure bracket with new screws (7) and (6).


Step three - fitting topcase mount

mount3 mount3 Position topcase mount (2) and align to longitudinal axis of your bike. Secure topcase mount to bracket (3) with the four black screws (8) and the two additional washers (9).


Step four - converting lock barrel

mount4 mount4 mount4 Insert key (G) into the lock barrel of the storage compartment lid (D). Attention! For the next steps never withdraw the key from the removed lock barrel!
Carefully drive out the hallow dowel pin (F). Any tool with a diameter of appr. 2 mm works, f.e. a 2 mm drill.
Unlike described in the installation manual, I didn't find the retaining tab (H) on my bike. If you should find this on your, proceed with the appropriate instruction in the manual, else simply remove the catch (E) and withdraw the lock barrel with key from the storage compartment lid. Insert the lock barrel into new compartment storage lid (1) until it sits firmly. Position catch (E) and secure with the hallow dowel pin. If you should happen to find one in your kit, use this one, else use the old one.


Step five - Check position of topcase carrier

mount5Fit new stowage compartment lid (1) and lock it. Check the width of the two mount5Fit new stowage compartment lid (1) and lock it. Check the width of the two gaps (11). Both gaps should be equally wide and parallel. If gaps are uneven, the topcase carrier has to be realigned (step 3). Misalignment may cause the locking mechanism not to lock properly.


... and ready. Looks quite well, IMHO

DMU, 14-JUN-2001

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