How to check valve gap clearance

Disclaimer: I try to tell you the best I know, but I can't give you any warranty ...

Tools you will need


Remove air intake muffler

valve clearance
At this stage, it should look like this
BTW, the black/red wire, leading down from battery plus connector, the black wire leading down from oiltank, and the gray wire on the left are not standard. You most probably won't see them, as well as the blackbox in the lower left corner (this is the CLS200µ control unit.

Uncovering the radiator

valve clearance
This is the sight you will have now

Uncovering cylinder head

valve clearance



valve clearance
Looks like this now

Finally - checking the gap clearance

The obligatory pics:
valve clearance valve clearance

Putting all together again

Put things together in reverse order, pay your special attention to the following:

valve clearance

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