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Den Flygande Bokrullen is a Swedish band that plays klezmer style music. Klezmer is a Jewish form of music that has now got a second renaissance. The original klezmer musicians roamed around in Eastern and Central Europe playing at weddings and other parties (Jewish as well as non-Jewish) and picked up influences from the music they came in contact with. Jews who, due to pogroms, escaped from eastern Europe brought the klezmer music to the USA, where it was coloured by the American popular music of the early twentieth century. Den Flygande Bokrullen has followed the klezmer tradition and added influences of their own.
This is music full of life; frolicsome and melancholic by turns, but constantly unpolished and humorous - an exciting mixture of orient and occident.
D F B started up as a duo in the early 90's but has later grown into a quintet and in the present form the group has existed since autumn '94. D F B has performed in all types of festivities, e.g. the Stockholm Water Festival, the biggest festival in Sweden, the Swedish National Museum of Arts and various clubs and pubs in the eastern parts of Sweden. D F B has also made spirits run high at several weddings, birthday parties, exhibition parties and Bar-mitzvahs.

Den Flygande Bokrullen

Lars YdgrenClarinet, Bass Clarinet
Oskar PohjolaTuba, Double Bass
Carl JohanssonDrums and Percussion
Gustav JohanssonAccordion
Matti PohjolaMandolin, Mandola

Please contact us:

Matti Pohjola, S:t Gsransgatan 32
S-753 26 UPPSALA

Tel: +46 18 - 69 24 38 (Matti) or +46 8 - 668 55 06 (Lars)


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