Duo Avierto im Kanapee

On May 20th, 1997, "Duo Avierto" from Freiburg/Germany performed at the Kanapee, Erwin Schütterle's tea-, wine- and music-pub in the heart of Hannover: Katharina Müther, having one of the probably biggest stores of (not only) Jewish songs, and Martin Schmidt, blessed with an almost infinite wealth of ideas while playing string instruments, and the virtuosity to realize them, announced "songs of Spanish Jews, of the Balkans, Eastern Europe and our own". Duo Avierto - this name is a kind of program, they are open (avierto) for any kind of styles from various countries, epochs and spirits.

In the first part of their Kanapee concert we could hear songs from their new CD, Jewish songs from the Mediterranean regions, and own songs, being inspired by this culture. Sad songs, merry songs, like the one about Urzula, a pretty, just married young wife, being visited in the early morning by her neighbour's cat. Well, that was, what she told her husband. Or has it yet been the neighbour himself? Songs, representing not necessarily what one might call klezmer music nowadays, but Mediterranean culture and tradition has produced different kinds of song than the chassidic.

Friends of the chassidic tradition were pleased during the second part of the concert, and now Katharina's accordion was brought into action. And the other facet of her voice, normally a clear soprano: if she's willing, it can become really "dirty", f.e. during the song about the seven children, playing around at the well and thinking about, what animal they would change into, if their tate, their Daddy, would arive now. With a contemplative ode to the calmness of the Sabbath a wonderful evening ended.

The musicians:

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