Band infos

Here you will find infos about groups without own pages on the 'net. In case you can't find your favourite group here, have a look at my groups link list.

Aaron Eckstaedt (German)

Mezcolanza from Salzburg/.at (German)

Shir from London/.uk

Szumen Feruz Band from Bulgaria (German)

Lerner-Moguilevsky Duo from Buenos Aires/Argentina

Trio Oyftref aus Hannover (German)

Meshuge Klezmer Band from Verona/Italy

L'Chaim from San Francisco (USA)

Livnat Brothers from Tel Aviv/.il

Channe Nussbaum & Spielniks from Denmark: New CD is out

Den Flygande Bokrullen from Sweden

Di Chuzpenics from Kiel/.de

Familie Lachman from Hamburg/.de

Fridas Tanzbär from Winterthur (Switzerland) (German)

Grinsteins Mischpoche from Berlin/.de (currently German only)

Khupe from Bremen/.de (German)

Klezmer's Dream from -hm- Giessen(?)/.de

Klezmer Duo without a name from Hagen/.de(German)

Klezmischpoche from Berlin

Klezz Combo from Brussels/.be

Mark Levy from San Francisco

Mechaye from Bremen/.de

ojojoj from Aschaffenburg/.de (German)

Ot Asoy from Switzerland

Shlamazel from Stuttgart/Nürnberg (German)
CD is out now!

"Tantz in Gartn Eydn" in Berlin/.de (German)

Vurma from Sweden