Cayuga Klezmer Revival


Some violin chords come out of the speakers (sounding a little bit like "If I were a rich man", Fiddler on the Roof, you know...), drums added, a clarinet ... and in those moderate allegro tempi, making also Ravel's Bolero kinda irresistible to me, the melody arises. Pooh, thank God, no Fiddler ... ;-) . The feet begin to tap, the fingers to snap - and won't stop for the next hour. What happened? The new - the first? the only? no matter - CD of the Cayuga Klezmer Revival from Ithaka, NY (USA) had come flying into my CD player. Traditional hasidic music, mixed with own composition of the band's members, all in a rhythm'n'blues arrangement, occasionally touching the heavy metal boundary - music, you'll never may want to miss again. "We learnt it by ear from other musicians and recordings, by finding sheet music, by familiarity with melodies from childhood and synagogue, and by writing our own music." So reads the inlay, as an answer to the (hypothetical?) question: "How did you learn this music?" Well, "Klezmology" may not be a kind of "puristic" Klezmer music, but exactly that is, what the spirit of Klezmorim is. And won't you agree, that Klezmer is a topical music and may pay it's tribute to actual musical trends? And finally - in his time even Mozart was some kind of a "Rock'n'Roller"!
Short to say: my current favourite CD. And not only mine - it also made the first place in Ari Davidow's Klezmer TopTen.

Klezmology - Cayuga Klezmer Revival
  1. Noch a Gleyzl Vayn (Another glass of wine) (trad.) (mpeg3, 230 KB, 30 sec)
  2. Honga Tanz (trad. Rumanian)
  3. Doina (adapted from Naftule Brandwein) / Odessa Bulgar (trad.)
  4. Baym Rebben in Palestina (At the Rabbi in Palestine) (Broder Kapelle)
  5. Ukrainian (trad.)
  6. I want you should tell me (B. Kottler)
  7. "SB22" (Oy tate s'is gut / Man, oh man, that's good!) (trad.)
  8. Frailach (trad.)
  9. Kolomyka (trad.)
  10. Transsylvanian Wedding Tunes (trad.)
  11. The Klezmer Conspiracy (S. Kibel)
  12. Little Life (B. Kottler)
  13. Wanderer's Song (D. Muscat)
  14. Stav Ya Pitu (Hasidic) / Hanerot Halalu (trad.)
The musicians:
Cayuga's Klezmer rules:
And how to get this terrific CD? First the price: Please send a check on this amount made out to Seth Kibel to (with best wishes from Detlev ;-)):

Seth Kibel
7106 Fairchild Dr., Apt. 203
Alexandria, VA 22306

Prices include shipping and handling (therefor additional US$ 2.- for the international orders).
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