The KLEZMER-GESELLSCHAFT e.V. is a union of artistical amateurs, semiprofessional and professional musicians as well as friends and patrons of mutual cultural and artistic concerns:
The KLEZMER-GESELLSCHAFT e.V. endeavours to take up and to support actual and traditional musical styles of different cultures. The idea is, to allow a communication between different cultures and to meet and to become acquainted with each other.
The KLEZMER-GESELLSCHAFT e.V. has been founded in 1990 in Berlin as a non-profit society. Members are living in Argentina, Belgium, Denmark, France, Israel, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and U.S. Also world famous clarinetist Giora Feidman is one of approx. 150 members. The Klezmer-Gesellschaft e.V. is also represented in Buenos Aires.
Activities of the Klezmer-Gesellschaft e.V.:
The founding members and several of other members got to know each other during workshops with Giora Feidman. Since then there were many meetings. We shared our experiences and got friends - no matter of great distances, cultural identity and social state. At each of our meetings we experience, how fine it is, coming together, making new experiences, meeting old friends and getting new ones. We are fascinated to have that universal language: our music.
In 1995 the Klezmer Orchestra has been founded, in order to get together more regularly, and, last not least, to play our music.
In the Yiddish language the word Klezmer stands for the musician. These musicians, the Klezmorim, performed at Jewish weddings, Bar-Mitzvahs and other celebrations. They usually were Jewish, but not necessarily. They usually played at Jewish celebrations - but not only. And that was why they integrated into their repertoir the traditional music of their surroundings.
The style of playing and the repertoire are characterized by both the tradition, vivid modifications and new perceptions. That is exactly, what we now call klezmer music.

The word klezmer comes from the Aramaeic kli (=vessel, instrument) and zemer (=song). You may interpret this word as "the musician sings with his instrument". Amateurs are able to do this as well as professional musicians. Everybody is born with a singing talent! That´s our point of view of klezmer. We favour our style of playing this music rather than a big repertoire.
If you´re interested in making music with us, working with us or supporting us, please contact one of the following persons:

Klaus Kossmann
Tel.: x49 (0)30-8012484
Fax:x49 (0)30-8021528
Tania Kune
Tel.: x49 (0)511-282394
Gerhard Hess
Tel.: x49 (0)30-6142722

For kind grants we keep an account with:

Postgiro 58-100
BLZ 100 100 10
"Kapitel 1700" Senatsverwaltung Berlin für die Klezmer-Gesellschaft e.V.

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