Helmut Eisel & JEM

Picture stolen from the Forget The Tears CD ;-)

The clarinet sobs, cries, laughs and tells stories. European classic and American jazz slipped in the old, suggestive melodies of Jewish wandering musicians: Klezm'n Soul, klezmer music, going straight into the hearts of the audience. Helmut Eisel's art of playing the clarinet is marvellous. He whispers, laughs, cries, shouts, rages, comforts... His melodies are lost in the infinity, where they came from - an invitation for dreaming on. Joining him, both virtuoso and sensitive: Michael Marx on guitar - he recently recorded the Soul Chai CD with Giora Feidman -, and Herbert Jagst on double bass. Helmut Eisel & JEM - a real first-class ensemble.
The new CD "Israeli Suite" reflects some impressions sampled during the 1992 and 1993 concert tours through Israel. It will get you the flair of the city of Safed during the klezmer festival, the athmosphere of an Arabian restaurant in Jaffa, the hectic bustle of Tel Aviv, the view over Jerusalem at dusk... a hommage to Israel, a hommage to life.


Tour schedules '96 (Germany)

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Klezm'n Soul has been chosen the April '95 CD of the month by the German HiFi magazin "stereoplay"

Also available: Israeli Suite - new klezmer music of the soul. Music book for all C+Bb instruments.
Edition Hot Hands / Westpark publishing, P.O.box 260227, D-50515 Köln
Order number: 89045, DEM 29.80
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