Channe Nussbaum & Spielniks

Jidishe Mame

"Thatīs no klezmer!", stated the best wife of all (may Ephraim Kishon forgive me that plagiarism), when she heard Channe Nussbaum & Spielniksī new CD. Sheīs right, and the members of that Danish group know it themselves: justly they called it "jidpop". One should be aware of this, if one is about getting involved with that music. Catchy rhythms and melodies, four of them traditionals, the rest new compositions by Channe Nussbaum and Spielniks, declared as their "way of developing klezmer music and jidishe lieder", all sung in jiddish. Well, it surely is one way, even if I am not sure, if itīs the right one. Hearing this music is kinda pleasant, but on the other hand itīs casual. Donīt misunderstand me: I donīt want to say, that this is bad music. No, surely not. Technically itīs perfect, specifically Peter Jessenīs sometimes kinda dotted clarinet play is so much fun, and Channe Nussbaums voice varies from absolutely clear to laszive, with that certain dark timbre, I love so much in a womanīs voice ... :))) Here pay Channeīs 20 years of jazz experience.
On the other hand I miss that certain pep you can feel while hearing many of those traditional recordings, or that uncompromising drive of those groups, merging klezmer with rock. In any case I miss jiddish soul and culture in and behind the music.
But what do I talk - itīs my personal taste. I bet, there are many, many people, liking the "Jidishe mame". After all, there are many people, liking groups like "Pur", a German pop group (myself, I definitely don't belong to that groups of people ...;-) ). However, it's inappropriate and too coarse to compare Channe Nussbaum & Spielniks with those groups.

The music

  1. Modne (Ch. Nussbaum)
  2. Nudnik (Ch. Nussbaum)
  3. Schwartze nacht (J. Tolsgaard/Ch. Nussbaum)
  4. A jidishe mame (L. Polack/J. Yellen)
  5. Eisbein polka (Ch. Nussbaum)
  6. Gantse mishpoche (Ch. Nussbaum)
  7. Joshke fort avek (trad.) (mpeg3, 230 MB, 30 sec)
  8. Tants mit mir (Ch. Nussbaum)
  9. Mazl vu bistu (Ch. Nussbaum)
  10. Saposhkelach (trad.)
  11. Shabes goj (Ch. Nussbaum)
  12. Papirosn (Ch. Nussbaum)
  13. Ljulinke (J. Tolsgaard/Ch. Nussbaum)
  14. Gib mir a kush (J. Tolsgaard/Ch. Nussbaum)

The musicians:
Channe Nussbaum:vocals
Peter Jensen:clarinet, baritone sax
Jens Tolsgaard:accordion, guitar, mandolin, back-up vocals
Torben Steno:guitar, back-up vocals
Peter Nielssen:bass, back-up vocals
Morten Krøgholt:drums, percussion, back-up vocals
Anna Gwozdz:violin on "Gantse mishpoche" and "Gib mir a kush"
Morten Carlsen:taragot on "Ljulinke"
Bo Brinck:sequence programming, loops, back-up vocals

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Author: Detlev Müller FEB-99

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