Joachim Johow wrote:

Hallo Detlev,

I am the leader of Klezmischpoche from Berlin/Lübars. We are 20 people, successfully performing Klezmer musicals (Masseltov and Oifn Jorid, with 35 sold out performances) in our own theatre since several years (we are a subdivision of LaabSaal e.V.). Apart from our normal concert we plan a new big musical for autumn 1999. The musical Oifn Jorid has also been recorded to CD. I would like to be mentioned on your page.

Just another question: Myself, I like to compose and arrange. How could I make available my sheet music for others, eventually for a small fee? Is there any Klezmer sheet music and CD archive? F.e., I'm searching for sheet music of Schpil shermir Klezmorimlech by Chava Alberstein.

Best regards

Joachim Johow

Well, I would say - if you have interest in Joachim's sheet musics, drop him a line.

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