Kosher beer is brewed in Hannover

Unusual visitors at the Hannover Herrenhausen brewery: Dressed in black coats, Rabbi Hod from Antwerpen and Rabbi Elzas from London are walking through the plant, inspecting each step of the production line. Accurately they are writing down everything they see. The reason: They are controlling brewing of kosher beer.

In April 1996, as the first one of all the German breweries, Herrenhausen brewery has got a kosher certification by the London Federation of Synagogues. Once a year the production is controlled, even unannounced.

This is to certify, that the beer is brewed according to the Jewish food rules, i.e., the barley may not been grown during the Jewish Passah (end of March / beginning of April), all filters must been replaced before clearing the kosher mash, and women being pregnant or having menstruation, may not come in contact with any part of the production line.

The taste of the kosher beer is not different to the one of a "normal" pils (Deti's remark: even if for me it tastes a little bit sweeter, but maybe I'm just imagining that...).

From: Neue Presse, April 2nd, 1997

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