Lerner-Moguilevsky duo

Klezmer en Buenos Aires


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"The maximum Latin-American expression of klezmer with the most singular language".

Marcelo Moguilevsky (clarinet, flutes, harmonica, voice)

César Lerner (piano, accordion, percussion).

Two decades ago, Lerner and Moguilevsky created a prolific duo, showing new directions in instrumental popular music.

Since 1996, these grandchildren of Russian and polish immigrants that arrived to Argentina in 1900, have contributed to the recreation of this genre.

They have developed a language that takes elements from argentine folk to jazz, contemporary music and tango.

They also compose music for movies ("Waiting for the meshiaj", "Nine Queens"), theatre and contemporary dance in Argentina.

In that way, from the country of Tango, comes the music of this duo, which have been showing their art in the most important music festivals around the world and through 3 excellent albums .

In Buenos Aires they have sold more than 8000 copies and, apart of giving concerts throughout Argentina and bordering countries, their "Klezmer en Buenos Aires" was widely covered by the media.

In august 1997 they played Klezmer music with the American composer and singer David Moss.

In the same year they were the only Jewish music group that took part of the "Memoria Activa" ceremony in Gran Rex Theatre accompanied by the most relevant Argentine popular musicians.

The foundation "Memoria del Holocausto" in Argentina entrusted Lerner and Moguilevsky the task of disseminate the music composed by the Jewish musicians captives in concentration camps.

The music of Basavilbaso was also a great success here in Argentina, where they have been presenting it in the most important theatres of Buenos Aires and other cities around the country, being heard by more of 10.000 persons.


Klezmer en Buenos Aires (1997 Discmedi Records, Barcelona, Spain).

Basavilbaso (1999, TP9 records, Nuremberg, Germany)

Shtil (2001, Los años luz records, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Klezmer for Kosovo (in conjunction with 22 international artists).

Reviews at www.klezmershack.com



Principal international appearances:

Ashkenaz 1999, Toronto, Canada.

Chemnitz Jewish culture festival 2000, Germany

Hackesches Hoftheatre, Berlin, Germany

Tonic, New York

Knitting Factory, New York

Argentine consulate in New York

X International Jewish festival, UK

Barbican Centre, London, UK

Conrad Hotel, Punta del Este, Uruguay

Jewish Culture festival 2001, Germany

Spring tour 2001 by UK: Manchester, Leeds, Brighton, London (the Spitz, Redgate Gallery).

Munich,Gasteig Judische Kulturtage 21/11/2001

London, The Spitz (Jewish Music Institute)

Sheffield, concert and workshop at the Ethnomusicology University

Birmingham and Leeds at the Jewish Communities.

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Lerner-Moguilevsky Duo

Email: moguilevskylerner@ciudad= .com.ar