Michael Chaim Langer im Antikriegshaus

"A Jew is allowed to do everything. Ok, nearly everything. Hm, not really. But when he did a mistake, he almost can make it up withe the help of the Rebbe. There's just one inexcusable thing for a Jew: lack of humor." So spoke Michael Chaim Langer in the beginning of his solo performance on February 19th, 2001, at the Lehrte-Sieverhausen located Antikriegshaus. mlanger And then, in rapid succession, Michael presented Jewish humoresques at the best, and in between evry now and then he explained Jewish culture and religion, giving a better understanding for the audience.

We met again Rabbi Shimmel, the specialist for marriage proposals, and we wondered at the truly wise verdict to drown that impudent carp, who had had the cheek to slap the Rebbe with it's tail fin, in the nearby lake. And we were glad about some songs Michael sang us. Some of you out there may know Michael as singer with the Tübingen based klezmer group Jontef.

This man is a phenomenon. The presence of his performance is impressing, and he doesn't need more than a chair, a coat, a hat, and a scarf to play his characters. The rest is gestures and facial expressions.

All in all an evening, that made a real lot of fun ...

DMU, 23-FEB-2001