Some special hints for mounting the Sebring pipe

brokenpipe Recently, my manifold broke (red arrow on the pic). Of course, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, but that's quite another story. As you can see on the picture, I fixed the muffler to the luggage carrier with a rope I later found beside the road ...
It took me some time to find out, why this happened. The only thing I can imagine is this:

  1. Sebring's mounting point at the pillion's footpeg (yellow arrow) has a 10 mm bore, but the bolt's diameter is 8 mm. This of course will make the pipe move around that point.
  2. Due to movement, the aluminium clamp, fixing the pipe to luggage carrier (blue arrow) broke, and I didn't notice it :( .
  3. This made the pipe move around the footpeg fixing point even more, and the other day the manifold couldn't stand that, and ... knack.
So what to do? Insert a suitable bush into Sebring's bore, with an outer diameter of appr. 10 mm, and an inner diameter of 8-8.5 mm. That will help. I took a piece of a copper tube I found in my stock.

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