There are a lot of crashbars available for the Transalp, here are listed some of them.


Five Stars by JF Motorsport is a well known brand of crashbars, but not too solid. Weakpoints: All fixing points in 3mm thick iron. At least, the frame won't bend, if your bike will fall on the bars ... Ca. DEM 160.-

JF Motorsport

Hepco&Becker is another well known brand. Looking similar to Five Stars Ca. DEM 160.-

Hepco & Becker

Jama of The Netherlands manufacture another crashbars. Alas, I know, you may purchase them, but I never saw them. DEM 204.-

Jama (manufacturer)
CEA (German importer)


MDI of The Netherlands manufactures TA crashbars both in stainless steel NGL 259.-
or in black or white NGL 239.-, model years '89-'95 only).



Another great looking crashbar comes from Motad of UK. It's of that material, of what it seems to be: stainless steel! For around DEM 225.-

Picture posted by kind permission of

A detail view of the Motad crashbars.

Peter FFitch from US had some trouble mounting the Motads. He wrote:

Here is the tale of fitting Motad Desert Bars to a 1987 Transalp I had ordered these from M&P and they only took 24hrs to arrive great, I had to strip the complete front end of the bike and then to find out that the Brackets supplied by Motad did not match the holes on the front engine mount on the bike, and required some drilling and milling to get them to fit. Also you need the strength of Hercules to get the bars to match up to the bolts on the top of the foot peg mountings.
But all these problems asside they look great once they are fitted.
If any one else had these sort of problems let me know then I might get in touch with Motad because for £78 you would expect the brackets to be drilled properly.



Read Peter's correspondence with Motad and Motad's kind answer

On June, 2nd 1998, Peter wrote:

I was sent a new set of brackets free of charge from Motad and they fitted perfectly, still need to be strong to get them on but the brackets are fine. I think Motad responded very well to my complaint and i believe that they are going to sort out a few people in the states as well.


P.S. Thankyou very much Will

As of Motad, you should order the following fitting kits:

MGH Motorradteile

German manufacturer SW Mo-Tech crashbars for TA. Please not, that those are ment for model years 1990-1999 only, i.e., not for US models, f.e. However, with some craftsmanship it's possible to mount them on older and US TAs, as to be seen on the picture below (it's a US bike).
Dave wrote:

The black steel engine guards were another story. Instructions in German although there was a graphic to follow. No way would these fit my TA. I struggled, pryed and pulled but only two of the three mounting points would line up. Fortunately, by having the skidplate I could eliminate the (provided) stock forward mounting assembly and with some aluminum angle "iron" I fabricated brackets which made the unit stronger overall. I had to grind some slots in the plastic radiator covers, but it was no big deal. Still I have about 6 hours of installation time what with on and off a few times making sure everything was going to fit w/o interfering somewhere else.

Overall very well made and rugged, if not for the alignment, a fairly straight forward install. If you want the engine guards alone you're in for a tough time as the forward mounts were not usable with the exhaust pipe interfering with the provided attachment as well. You'd be looking at some creative parts fabrication or welding to make it work by itself. Save yourself the trouble and buy the skidplate.
Also available for XL650V, see SW-Motech homepage.

Price: EUR 122.20

Here they are mounted together with the Motech skidplate
on Dave Steven's TA.
THX for the pic, Dave!

SW Mo-Tech

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