ITT ´99 - The 1999 International Transalp Rallye

ITT '99 took place from May, 13th - 16th in Tienhove, a little village in the near of Utrecht/The Netherlands. This year it has been organized by our Dutch friends from TACN. The theme was - matching the venue - the Wild West. This included - besides "Transalp Town" - a "Saloon", "horses' stable", line dancing and bullriding in the evening, and of course some rides ... ;-) And, we learnt to know a guy having ridden around the world. Not with a TA, AT, BMW, Tenere or whatever bike you and I would choose for such a trip - no. He had a CBR 900 RR Fireblade. Wanna read it one more time? CBR 900 RR Fireblade ...

Here are my pics ...

The journey there

itt99_01 itt99_02
Carsten (left) and I picked up our Polish friends Maciek (middle), Bogdan (right) and Michal (not on the picture, guess, he is at the "Pommesbude" ;-) ) We visited "Drügen Pütt", one of the famous meeting points of the Ruhr region. The weather was not as fine, thus there were not as many people there

Transalp Town

itt99_05 itt99_06 itt99_14
"Transalp Town" "boot hill" In the background: the "saloon"
itt99_19 itt99_20  
Transalp barbecue on Saturday evening. In the middle of the circle: The mechanical bull. And this is - believe me or not - Carlo jumping (actually falling ;-) ) off the bull  

The rides

itt99_03 itt99_04 itt99_07
One of the typical Dutch folding bridges One of the typical Dutch windmills One of the typical Dutch dirt tracks. Oops - no TA on this pic? Of course not, they already have passed this section ;-)

During the 2nd ride, we once decided to shorten the prescribed route, and that was one of the best ideas, because we stumbled into a vintage race through downtown Groot Almers. Yes indeed, they cordoned off half of the main street and some other streets completely, and raced with their old irons on a 3 km track.

itt99_08 itt99_09 itt99_10
...and off we go... First curve after start Yes, there was a small hill ... 250cc MZ
itt99_11 itt99_12 itt99_13
500cc Moto Guzzi Falcone BSA Beemer

On Saturday afternoon, sw-motech came up with two redesigned bikes, an Africa Twin and a Transalp. Here's some more about the motech-TA.

itt99_15 itt99_17 itt99_18
Left: Africa Twin, right: Transalp TA left side TA front TA cockpit

That's it ...

Hey Dutchies ;-), it's been a great party, and we had one hell of fun!

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