Modifications through the years

Source: Revue Moto Technique No 68, ETAI, Paris, France, 1996
Sampled by Christos Zervos. THX, Christos!

CodeTypeModel yearModifications
PD06HFEB-87First Honda Transalp model, introduced earlier at the October 1986 Salon de Paris International Motorcycle Show. Available in the international market from February 1987 (bike weight : 175 Kgr).
PD06JOCT-87/88New sidestand, one more colour available (nancy beige metallic), same graphical decoration
PD06K1989Slight modification of graphical decoration (the words: HONDA, 600V, Transalp and Rally Touring, changed size and place), new colours, new instrument panel, new headlamp reflector, new higher windscreen, new rear shock and ProLink levers, new front suspension tubes and springs, new exhaust, extra side-stand panel light and switch, new cylinders, new engine base joints, new exhaust valves, new valve springs, new valve guides, new cylinder head joints, new overhead cam, new cylinder heads, new crank, new engine-oil compartment, new cam support brackets, new distribution chains, new whole clutch system (compartment, lever, disks, plates, etc), new oil pump, new oil pump engagement gears and sprockets, new water pump, new ignition system (ignition coils, impulse coils, CDI units), new starter sprocket (38/12 teeth), new starter, new alternator, new gearbox output sprocket head and cover, new gear cams, pins and synch sprockets for 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear, new gear selection plate and guides, new rear break drum, new synch carburators cam, new ignition break-circuit (Run/Off), new side fairing and skid plate mounting points (that's why crashbars for post-89 models won't fit to pre-89 ones, and vice versa
PD06L1990Same colours available as 89, new designed head steps for the overhead-cam oil draining, new cylinder heads, new cylinders, new cylinder-head joints, new engine joints, new input valves, new distribution-chain guides, installation of a noise-damping mechanism behind the distribution chain tensioners, new clutch cover, new clutch disks, new starter, new engine-oil compartment, new central gearbox pin, new synch carburators cam, new headlamp reflector, new exhaust
PD06M1991New graphical decoration, new colours, new rear brake system (disk brake system instead of a drum brake), new rear suspension damper unit, new overhead-cam support brackets, new clutch joint and compartment, new clutch plate and disks, new alternator cover, new water pump, new engine-oil compartment, new synch sprockets for 5th gear, new headlamp reflector, new improved front break system, new upper T-plate for the front fork, new rear wheel, new exhaust, new air filter, new bike weight (183 Kgr).
PD06N1992New colours
PD06P1993New colours
PD06R1994New exterior front (aesthetic) appearance, new colours, new front fairing (cowling), new headlamp reflector, new ignition system, new starter circuit, new front break-disk calliper (new break pads), new instrument panel and cover, new turn-indicator relay (transistorised), new rear luggage carrier, new rear suspension damper unit, new oil pump, new carburator settings.
PD06S1995No modifications
PD06T1996Changes in the engine tuning are dictated mostly by the new emission and noise standards, new colours, new gear ratios, new whole electronic (TCI) ignition system (new ignition unit, new impulse ignition coils, new ignition advance, etc), extra throttle-position sensor, new front suspension system, new carburators (VDFLA), new air-intake system with new filter and 2 additional small air-filters, new rear wheel tyre (120/90-17), new electronic tachometer, new bike weight (191 Kgr)
PD10V1997Double rotor front brake, luggage carrier modified, pillion's hand grips added. From now on TA is assembled in Italy.
PD10W1998No modifications
PD10X1999New colours (f.e. the 50th anniversary special edition in genuine '87 colours)
  2000New XL650V released. Sorry, but here my page ends ... Continuing with a BMW F650GS Dakar ... ;-)

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