My new front brake

As we all know, the Transalp front brake is not really bad, you may always be able to brake down the bike safely. But:
  1. it takes some amount of power in your right hand to do so
  2. you donīt have a real good feeling for the brake, caused by the relatively weak stock brake hose.
  3. the rotor suffers from a relatively fast wear out, especially if you are using bad brake pads. And to replace it with a genuine Honda part, will cost you one ton of money. Latest info is: DEM 700.- (US$ 438.-) for the rotor.
  4. many people claim about the front fork winding while braking. Yes, it does, but once you are used to it, you may not care about. Ok, I donīt, I donīt know what you do. Anyway, to stop this fourth point, is a matter of a complete brake reconstruction, including the front fork. Or purchasing the new ī97 model with double rotor brake.
The other points have a solution: A braided steel brake hose will solve the problems no. 1 and 2, and an aftermarket rotor by, f.e., Brembo or Spiegler solves at least the pricing problem (have a look at the brakes page).

I did both, I purchased a Spiegler braided steel brake hose and Brembo cast iron rotor. First I mounted the new hose and used it with the old rotor, in order to find out, if and how the use of such a braided steel hose would enhance the brake power. Friends, I tell you, this was one of the best investments I ever did on a bike. At last I have a good feeling for the brake, and it takes a remarkably less amount of hand power to brake down the bike. And it works perfectly together with the Brembo rotor. Did you ever manage to perform a "stoppie" with a Transalp? I did. And I did it ten times one after the other, and there was no fading.

The Brembo cast iron rotor and
the Spiegler brake hose
The new brake hose

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