Finding out Honda part numbers

Honda doesn't give away it's part numbers, so when you were in need of genuine parts numbers for any reason, you had to go to your dealer's. Here now is a possibility to find Honda part numbers via internet. Actually, this is a way to connect to the Honda dealers' network in US. This was posted on TAML in February 2006.

The following conditions must meet on your computer:

Here's how it is done: In order too find the parts list for your Transalp, go to the blue book on the top left-hand side of the screen, choose Honda, then Motorcycles, then XL600 and then XL600V. Since we are in an US net, the Transalp files unfortunately end with model 1990.
When done, hit the START button and log off the system.

So, as of December 2015 this appears not to work anymore.
Instead you may want to check out
Choose producer, model and model year. In case your searching for Transalp parts, pls. be aware, that this is an American site. They don't have parts for Transalp newer than 1990 ...

Good luck!

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