The '97 TA. What you can't see clearly: the double rotor front brake at last! Ain't she a beauty? '99 50th Honda anniversary special edition in genuine '87 colours My Alp in all it's beauty How to ride a Transalp on the road In the mist on Colle dell'Agnello (Italy, 1992) In Gias Bandia, looking down to the Stura valley and to the peaks of the Sea Alps (Piemont/Italy,1992) Below Vasdalsegga, looking on Suldalsvatn (Norway,1993) On the track to Slap Kozjak (Kozjak Falls) in the near of Kobarid (Slovenija,1994 Part of the Mangrt road (Slovenija, 1994) Another (the upper) part of the Mangrt road (Slovenija, 1994) The highest passable point in Slovenija, below the Mangart mountain (1994) Mt. Mangrt (Slovenija, 1994) Flitscher Klause, an ancient fort between Bovec and the Predil Pass (Slovenija, 1994) A German WW2 cannon, pulled from the Soca river (Kobarid, Slovenija, 1994) Bended track in the near of Sedlo (Slovenija, 1994) Through the Bode River (Harz Mountains, Germany) "Faxe Biturbo", "The Blue Oyster" and Holgi, Blue Oyster's owner on the Passo Gavia (Italy, 1996) Wanna know why Seasonal design ;-) (Julöl is a Swedish beer, brewed just around Xmas...) Holgi on the track to Passo di Vizze (Italy, 1996) Found a luge track, and of course I had to try with the TA! (Italy, 1996) Dirk playing on asphalt (Sweden '97) Andreas playing in the sand (Sweden '97) In a Swedish gravel pit (Sweden '97) Pitstop at a lake in the middle of nowhere (Sweden '97) Bernd and Klemens (Sweden '97) Back to Deti's Transalp Page