The '97 engine repair - the pictures

These screws fix the engine
Toppling the engine out of the frame

Puuh - done!

Generator side

Pulling off the rotor

With the rotor removed, we see the camshaft timing chain of the front cylinder

If this distance is greater than 8mm, the camshaft timing chain is worn.

Clutch side, blocking the engine with a piece of cloth

Donīt do this!

Cylinder head, camshaft removed. 8 screws fixing the head

Clutch and cylinder head removed. Arrow points to one of the oil pump chain sprockets.

Supporting the piston

Removing the valves

Pitting on the exhaust valveīs adjusting screw (left)

Outlet valves and seats were slightly burned

ring mounting order (bottom - top)

Relaxing the cam chain tensioner

Donīt mix up the camshafts!

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