Jim Leininger's Skidplate

Jim wrote:

Late one night, on a dark mountain, while exploring handicapped "wheel chair ramps" in the forest......I had need to escape down some stone and concrete steps. I discovered Transalp engine cases are not protected, between the frame rails. This skid plate solves that problem.

The attached photos are numbered, to follow these instructions. This is a case protector that fits inside the stock plastic lower cover.

Plate1Photo 1:Cut a piece of 3/16" steel plate (about 4.5 mm). Most metal supply shops will shear this to size, for a small charge. The plate should be 7 1/4" by 11 1/2". Drill a 2 3/8" hole, as shown. The center of the hole is 1 13/16" from the front edge, and 1 15/16" from the right side. This hole provides clearance for the stock lower cover and mount bolt.
Plate2Photo 2:Make a tool, to bend the plate, by welding strips of 3/16" thick metal, 4 3/16" apart, onto a flat plate. A piece of 2" wide channel or heavy square tube will serve as your pressing die.
Plate3Photo 3:Center the plate in your fixture, then press the die until it hits the plate. This will provide perfect bends to fit the bottom of the 'Alp. You will have about 1/2" clearance between the plate and crank case.
Plate4Photo 4:Drill holes as shown, 1" from the sides of the plate. These holes will allow screw clamps to mount the plate.
Plate5Photo 5:Here is how I knock out the metal, between the closely drilled holes. Do not try to completely overlap the holes, while drilling. The bit will walk sideways, requiring hand filing to make the slots.
Plate6Photo 6:Use an anvil, or vise, and hammer the front corners to fit the frame (don't do it against the frame).
Plate7Photo 7:Ugly photo, but this lug is already in place on each lower tube. It serves as a stop, for the back edge of the skid plate, if you hit something.
Plate8Photo 8:Here is the plate, clamped in place (you don't need to take the engine out, like I did). The right front clamp fits between the exhaust pipe and frame, while the left rear clamp is easily reached by the water pump area. To change oil, remove the plastic lower, take off the left rear clamp, loosen the right front, and the plate swings down. NOTE: Your left rear lower cover SCREW will not fit, with this plate installed. I use a cable tie to secure the corner. All other screws fit with some pushing and pulling.
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