All about the Transalp All about my TA Maintenance schedule Got a problem with your TA?
Check out, if it's listed here...
Troubleshooting Howtos... Ed Hackett's Oil FAQ
(On Phil Herzog's page)
 Important info conc. differences between US and European model
 See the '99 50th anniversary edition Transalp See a completely different Transalp The sw-motech Transalp Getting cold fingers during winter? Pull on some good gloves and have a look at my hand protector spoilers
My new front brake reconstruction The Sebring pipe on my TA Service manual The great '97 engine repair
Carlo's TA wheel bearings page (German only) New URL:
Microfiches for all Transalp models
Sad but true: they had to remove the Honda fiches. Contact me, if you need some
Like to use Slick50 or some other Teflon based additives? Better read this before... Y2K Transalp!!!  
Transalp Forum - Q&A (German) Transalp history, an interview with chief engineer Matsuhashi, developer of the Transalp, including some interesting pictures of early TA design Modifications vs model years Frame ##, color codes and type codes vs. construction year

The Transalp FAQ

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