Will Rose of Motad finally wrote this:

Subject: Motad Desert Bars for Transalp

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To all Honda Transalp People

We hope that the information below will be of help to all customers old and new. In the past we have had few customers call Motad International direct due to none fit of Honda Transalp Desert Bars, and in all cases have found that the customers were not asked the model or chassis number of their motorcycle.

Once the correct model has been established the parts were sent out and to the best of our knowledge all customers have been pleased with their Crash Bars.

Please note all Crash Bars have the same code of B6H stamped on them. It is the fitting kit that will allow the bars to fit different models. The brackets are stamped with the part number.

We hope that the information below will be of help to all.

B6H Fits : VH - VJ models ( PD06 5004141 - PD06 510145 )
B6H2 Fits : VK - VT models ( PD06 5200019 - PD06 not available )
B6H/3 Fits : Under Development to fit models VS onwards.

With regards to our American customers

Unfortunately we have no information on American Spec Transalp Machines and they could be the same as our UK models. We cannot confirm that our bars will fit however if Deti's Transalp Page would like to get in touch with us we will gladly send a set of bars with both fitting kits to see if they will fit and confirm to us.

If you have a set of bars that will not fit & you think your dealer has supplied the wrong kit please let us know and we will try to help.

Contact Tracey Keeling our Sales Manager for more information or alternatively myself at will.rose@virgin.net

Will Rose
Quality Manager
Motad International

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