Customer Services Manager
MOTAD International
P.O. Box 84
Hospital Street
18 May 1998

Dear Sir

I bought a set of your Motad Crashbars for a Honda Transalp 1987 model from M&P last week. I went to fit them and that is when my problems started. The brackets that are supplied to fit on to the front engine mountings were poorly made, the holes did not match up at all and the welds around the bolts did not seem that good and would not hold up to much of an impact. And when finally fitted the strengthening bar to go between the brackets did not fit either.

I drilled the brackets to fit but now feel this may weaken them and confidence in them for a fall is low. I feel that 78 is a lot of money for a purely cosmetic bar.

However I thought that this might be a one off but I am a member of a Internet site for Transalps and found that several people were having the same difficulties and some of these people are in America and have paid far more than me and have had felt they were unable to complain as correspondence by mail would take to long and costly. They now have a set of cosmetic bars not correctly fitted and have a low opinion of Motad bars.

This is a fully international web site and over 30 people who were considering buying Motad bars are having second thoughts. I have taken it upon myself to write to you to see if you would check to see that the brackets made will in future fit properly and be of a quality that gives confidence in the event of an accident.

I have enclosed the two latest emails that I have received and I think it would be good for our members if it were shown that you could help Kelly and Johna Bradley from America with a new set of brackets.

I look forward to your reply and I hope that I will have some good news for our members in America.

Yours Faithfully

Peter FFitch

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