Transalp 2000

At last - here they are: pictures of the new Transalp. As Honda Offenbach told me, it will be purchaseble around March 2000. Pricing: Most probably it will be for DEM 1,000.- or so more than the old one.

Read my first riding impressions.
And here: the rival - BMW F650GS (currently German only)

Technical specifications:

What I like ... What I don't like ... y2k-TA
y2k-TA y2k-TA
y2k-TA y2k-TA
y2k-TA y2k-TA
y2k-TA y2k-TA
y2k-TAPerformance diagram: dotted=old, straight=new
y2k-TA Full dressed


y2k-TA Green
y2k-TA Grey
y2k-TA Red

y2k-TA The new presilencer (arrow) below the rear suspension. This is bullshit, imagine what will happen when hitting a rock!!! Photo courtesy Diego Tomasi

Diego saw the new TA in Bologna, and he wrote:

Last sunday I've been to the Bologna Motorshow to see new TA. I like the new line, the rear part is very similar to the old one, the front is new and it is not so large as I think from pictures. The instruments are good, round, with fuel indicator and digital clock. They have take off the fuel (tap?) The electrical commands have a new design but are the same. The seat is a bit more comfortable for both pilot and passenger. It seems to be decreased a bit the distance between seat and footpeg for pilot. The silencer have a new stage under the rear suspension. For other technical details (new rear suspension, new rear fork, etc) it must be tested on road. The colours: nice black, OK red, light green no-comment. Nice the bags with coloured insert (the black version).

Check back for more!

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